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Tororo Childrens Home

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Situated very near the Kenyan border, Tororo children's home is home to 45 boys and, more recently accommodation has been made available for 10 girls.  The buildings are very simple: dormitories and dining room, but most of the time the children are at the local school, or playing outside in the sunshine.  The neediest children are admitted: most are total orphans. 

There is a nursery school for local children situated in the grounds.  This provides quality education at an affordable price for the local community; it further provides income to support the home and education for our younger children.

The children help in the home: one happy task is shelling the ground nuts. 

When a child has a smile that reaches his eyes: we know he is happy.

The home receives no government grants but is supported by the generosity of Salvationists from overseas (through sponsorship and donations), specific project grants and from local well wishers.



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