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Joytown School for the Physically Disabled

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Joytown Schools for the Physically Disabled

Kenya East Salvation Army sponsors many special schools including Joytown Primary and Secondary School for the Physcially Disabled.  These are government schools, managed by Boards of Governors, but The Salvation Army plays an important role, providing full time chaplains to care for the spiritual needs of the students and staff.  In addition, the Army has representation on the Board of Governors and owns the property the school occupies.  Our schools for children with physically disabilities all have ‘Joy' in their names.  This school provides a safe environment for children with multiple handicaps. Many children have been hidden in early years, and start school late.  Additionally these children are subject to long periods of hospitalisation and sometimes miss a term - or year - for hospital treatments.

 Joytown primary students race down the hill

Joytown Primary School has an enrolment of approximately 300 children.  There are another 200 -300 children on the waiting list for registration. The children here particularly enjoy their swimming pool, and the freedom this gives them.  They also have a school choir and sing beautifully, in harmony.  The age of some of these children means they have a few tenors and basses.


 Joytown Secondary School was built to meet the needs of the primary school leavers.  It houses approximately 200 students and is inclusive.  The able bodied young people are learning to fight discrimination due to handicap and are a huge help to those living with disabilities.

 Resting at Joyland Primary SchoolJoy Valley classroom




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