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Count the blessing name them one by one by Captains Emmanuel & Goldi

Captains Emmanuel and Goldi, India National Secretariat, Kolkata

I am grateful to the living God from the depth of my heart as well as the International Leaders and Commissioner K. V. Lahase Who have given me wonderful opportunity to work at National Secretariat office Kolkata as a Secretary for Business Administration. I would like to share my testimony through the War Cry. During my 13 years of service in Army God is so good to me and family. There were lots of difficulties and challenges but I am Keeping aside all but the blessing which God has given us it is more than our difficulties. I am the second Generation of my family in the Army. My parents are Retired Officer of The Salvation Army. Their name Majors Bashir Masih and Martha Masih. My Home Corps Kahnuwan, Gurdaspur Division, India Northern Territory. We have two children Sachin Emmanuel, 11 year old Studying in 7th standard and Steffi Emmanuel 9th year old Studying 5th standerd. We entered in Training College as a cadets 1st July 1996 and commissioned 10th May1998. Our 1st appointment Cops Commanding Officer at Ajnala Corps Amritsar, followed Amritsar Central Corps. Nawan Pind Corps then D.Y.S at Gurdaspur Division. Then at THQ-INT as Cashier, Assistant Accountant. During the appointment God never leaves us even though there was some difficulties. During our THQ Appointment. My wife Captain Goldi visited USA Southern Territory. Last year I got an opportunity to go to Mumbai, IWT to help the Finance Department to close their Territorial accounts. I have attended SACO 2010 as Well as National Secretariat office When we reached in Kolkata. This is God grace with us through our Officer and Leaders also as the Almighty God and Leaders of Army has given an appointment as Secretary for B. A. in National Office, Kolkata it is our request to all readers of The War Cry. Kindly uphold us in your prayer so that we may be able to cope with this appointment. In our Life We both husband and wife kept on slogan in lives 'Trust and obey there's no other way to be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey'. With this slogan we have come up here and we do believe that God is our strength to carry on the task which the Salvation Army and God have entrusted upon us. God Bless the Army and Leaders.


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