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Mission of the ICO

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   The International College for Officers exists to further develop officers by:  nurturing personal holiness and spiritual leadership; providing opportunity to experience the internationalism of The Salvation Army; and encouraging a renewed sense of mission and purpose as an officer. 


The College will provide:

  • an environment which is conducive to spiritual and physical rest, and where each officer has the time to be alone and with others for prayer,study of God's Word, and reflection on his/her individual ministry;
  • exposure to the personnel and systems of the international Army; an evolving, relevant and mission-focused curriculum;
  • opportunity to experience the diversity that exists in the Army world in relation to culture, ministry, race and gender, through delegates, staff and visitors;
  • a setting and time for each officer to be listened to, prayed for, valued, and given opportunity to explore his/her own gifts and potential.



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