The Resurrection session spent the first half of the week in the classroom, discovering our leadership style with Lt. Colonel Marion Drew and opening the Scriptures with Majors Peter and Julie Forrest.



We were priviledged to have another visit by General Linda Bond who thoughtfully answered 19 questions posed by session 209 delegates.  The questions were challenging and pointed.  However, General Bond responded to each with grace and spiritual authority.  We were blessed again by the General's ministry to us.




At the end of the week we took a "Field Trip" to International Headquarters were we led the morning prayers, and met with our Zonal Leaders.

We also had an opportunity to meet with General Bond in her private office and each delegate had a photo-op sitting at her desk.  General Bond was most gracious to give us her time.




The week was complete with a tour of St. Paul's Cathedral and further study into Luke's Gospel where we encounter El-Roi, the God Who Sees.  Thanks to Lt. Colonel Janet Munn who continues to bring this gospel alive to us through her strong teaching gift empowered and blessed by the Holy Spirit.




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