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My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.  Isaiah 56:7

And so The Cedars' Prayer Room burst into a non-stop prayer furnace for five days, the final week of the historic session 198.  Historic in that this is the first session of the International College for Officers that has also been part of the Centre for Spiritual Life Development.  Every delegate, staff officer, employee and volunteer participated in the non-stop prayer week.  As the week progressed the increased sense of the Presence of the Lord was palpable, and the sense of comfort and unity that the Spirit was ministering to us was something we all shared in.  We just concluded our week of non-stop prayer as the final farewell banquet was convening and again, the sweetness of the Lord's Presence among us was something experienced by and commented on publically by various guests from International Headquarters.

The Cedars is an ideal context for 24/7 prayer and will become a regular part of life here at the International College for Officers & Centre for Spiritual Life Development.  Having begun with one week of 24/7 in Session 198, plans are being made to have two such periods of non-stop prayer in the next session.  Who know where this will lead?  Could we experience an outpouring of the Holy Spirit resulting in fire-baptized officers being sent out to all corners of the earth, provoking world revival throughout every Salvation Army context?

We believe Lord -- for world revival and this place being a furnace of fire helping to ignite revival flames.

 Margrit and Susanne in fervent prayer
 ICO - Epicentre for World Revival!
 Meena spends time writing a prayer
 Joanne at the wall of encouragement


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