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Volunteer Service Workers

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 2012 Volunteer Service Workers

What are Volunteer Service Workers?

The ICO & CSLD provides a twelve month opportunity for the development of 5 young adults per year.  The program is four-fold:

  • oppportunity to develop work skills (housekeeping/dining room/etc.)
  • opportunity to develop English skills (the ICO & CSLD pays up to 100% of reasonably priced English classes)
  • opportunity to develop personal spiritual life (weekly Bible study, corps activities, and spiritual development)
  • opportunity to develop knowledge of The Salvation Army (beginnings of Army and meet officers from around the world) 

2012 Volunteer Service Workers

Aline Amorim Brazil
Priscilla Petrus Indonesia
Johanna Garrido Cardenas Chile
Ye Rang Jang South Korea

Interested being a Volunteer Service Worker?

If you have an interest in being a Volunteer Service Worker at the ICO & CSLD for a twelve-month period, please send an email to

Sylvia Overton, Lieut-Colonel Janet Munn, Annie Carter and Stephanie Chagas


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