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Danish Congress celebrations include first appointments to Greenland
date: 16 May 2012


Nordic Leaders and Estonian Salvationists Challenged During Visit By General
date: 2 May 2012

description: The visit of General Linda Bond to Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, was marked by times of influence and inspiration.

The General Shares in Practical and Spiritual Ministry in Moldova
date: 2 May 2012

description: From muddy village roads to Spirit-filled meetings, General Linda Bond experienced the breadth of Salvation Army ministry during her visit to Moldova.

The General Takes Scottish Salvationists Back To Soul-Saving Roots
date: 30 April 2012

description: The General was the special guest when Salvationists joined friends from other churches at the International Climbing Arena in Edinburgh for the 'Changing Minds'-themed Roots Scotland conference

Seekers Kneel At The Cross During The General's Easter Visit To Norwich
date: 23 April 2012


The General Reveals Welsh Links During Visit to Land of Song
date: 22 March 2012

description: 'SONGS of praises', as featured in the great Welsh hymn 'Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah', resounded throughout the visit to Wales by General Linda Bond. 'Cwm Rhondda' is the name of the tune most commonly associated with the hymn, so it was fitting that the Saturday Showcase - the first event in the General's visit to the South and Mid Wales Division of The Salvation Army's United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland - was held in Penygraig, in the Rhondda Valley (Cwm Rhondda in Welsh).

Spiritual Impact and Spectacular Scenes as the General Visits India South Eastern Territory
date: 17 February 2012

description: Spectacular decorations and large, excited crowds greeted General Linda Bond during her visit to The Salvation Army's India South Eastern Territory. However, what will long stay in the minds and hearts of those who were present is the spiritual impact of the visit, with many people dedicating or rededicating their lives to God

The General Inspires Salvationists and Friends in India South Western Territory
date: 14 February 2012

description: The General Inspires Salvationists and Friends in India South Western Territory

Staff Band Celebration Benefits Salvation Army Expansion in Africa
date: 20 January 2012

description: The General was delighted to accept 50,000 from the United Kingdom Territory with the Republic of Ireland to support the continuing expansion of Salvation Army ministry in Africa

The General Urges Swiss Salvationists to Share Christ's Message of Freedom, Hope and Life
date: 7 December 2011

description: General Linda Bond, making her first visit as international leader to The Salvation Army's Switzerland, Austria and Hungary Territory, challenged Salvationists in Switzerland to live a consistent life of faith

The General Makes Strong First Impression in France and Belgium Territory
date: 6 December 2011

description: Making her first visit as international leader to the France and Belgium Territory, General Linda Bond left the territory's Salvationists in no doubt as to her strong convictions or her ability to share her message with great simplicity.

The General Challenges Salvationists and Friends of the Finland and Estonia Territory
date: 1 December 2011

description: THE visit of General Linda Bond to Finland had a significant spiritual impact on Salvationists and friends of the Finland and Estonia Territory. The General challenged the territory to prepare for revival, adding that the people of God's Army are to go forward filled with joy and praise.

Spanish Salvationists Respond to the General's Challenge
date: 30 November 2011

description: Salvationists from across Spain gathered in great excitement to welcome General Linda Bond when she visited the Salvation Army's Spain Command.

Tremendous Move to the Mercy Seat During General's Visit to South America East Territory
date: 23 November 2011

description: Salvationists in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay prayed and prepared for many months for the South America East Territorial Congress and the visit of General Linda Bond. Their prayers were rewarded with a time of inspiration and blessing.

The General calls Salvationists to continued 24/7 prayer for justice
date: 1 November 2011

description: God's people united in prayer, where one hour isn't enough in the prayer room and there is a desire for more, where children and youth are crying out for justice, where people are committing themselves for a day, a week, a month, a year or more of non-stop prayer

The General Visits Mozambique to Lead Africa Zonal Conference
date: 7 October 2011

description: Army leaders from all of Africa assembled in Maputo, the capital city of Mozambique, for the Africa Zonal Conference to capture General Linda Bond's vision for the future of the Salvation Army as well as to share with her the African perspective.

General Bond Welcomes Cadets and Launches 'Freedom Bible' in USA Eastern
date: 16 September 2011

description: General Bond Welcomes Cadets and Launches 'Freedom Bible' in USA Eastern

General Bond Installs New Territorial Leaders for Canada and Bermuda
date: 18 July 2011


Focus on Jesus at Welcome to General Linda Bond
date: 19 April 2011

description: From the opening song, led by the Chief of the Staff Commissioner Barry C. Swanson, to the closing prayer from Commissioner Freda Larsson - Jesus was lifted up.

We Are Here To Serve - IHQ Welcome To General Linda Bond
date: 5 April 2011


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