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Transitional Employment Program

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Transitional Employment Program

What We Do

- Provide part-time competitive employment, employment support, and job training to individuals who are serious about returning to work

- Provide individualized counseling, and on-going support

- Identify vocational strengths and barriers in order to establish suitable recovery goals and plans

- Provide spiritual support to individuals requesting assistance from the chaplain


Janitorial workProgram Eligibility

Psychiatric disability
Individuals aged 16 to 65
Aware of vocational barrier
Ready, willing and able to work
Actively searching for employment
Monitored by a medical practitioner


              Who Can Refer

Mental Health Professionals
Community Agencies
Self referrals

 Everyone Benefits

The Participant
- Able to focus on recovery
- Gain work experience
- Contribute to production in an integrated setting
- Feel like a contributing member
   of society
- Financial reward
- Increased self-esteem which promotes confidence and independence

The Community
- Participants are more independent in  their respective communities
- Enhances community understanding and acceptance of individuals with mental health issues

The Employer
- Program staff assists in the development and selection of the job site, facilitating the most suitable match of employee and employer
- On-going support and early intervention ensures success for both the employee and employer
- Saves time and money as initial job  screening is done by program staff
- Become a philanthropic business by partnering with our program


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